rockstar studiosStudio History

Rockstar! Studios started as a small family run lesson studio and has now blossomed into a community based private individual and group lesson studio as well as a performing arts institute offering full dance, acting, yoga and fitness classes!

At Rockstar! we believe that everyone has the ability to be the best version of what they are meant to be as a dancer, actor and/or musician. We maintain a very friendly, warm and welcoming atmosphere yet our teaching is disciplined, rigorous and intense.

Ashley B. Mondragon, the founder and vocal coach, has always felt that the arts stem from imagination, creativity, fun and freedom. We come from a place of kindness and encouragement, but most importantly, honesty. The studio's mission is to give every student the skills, discipline, respect and techniques needed to build a beautiful foundation to grow their craft with confidence, knowledge and structure while nurturing and encouraging individualism, creativity and bringing out their inner Rockstar!

Ashley has always said, "The arts are a gift, not a talent. They are not meant to be held onto. They're meant to be given, so share your gift with the world!"

Rock On! And show them what you've got!